Ramblin’ Jack Elliott on the debts between him and Bob Dylan

Ramblin' Jack Elliott, the folk singer, is 85 years old. He sits on a couch in a small dressing room upstairs at Hugh's Room, a comfortable acoustic-music venue for the supper-club set in west-end Toronto. He is impish, round-shouldered and fairly adorable, with a red cravat, a full head of snowy-white hair and a story or seven on his mind. Right now he's talking about Bob Dylan. (continue reading)

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E Glenn
Highway in the Wind A Story about RJE from Arlo Guthrie PBS Special

A Cultural Conversation With Ramblin' Jack: Diving Into Deep Blues

Ramblin' Jack Elliott, last musical partner of Woody Guthrie, mentor and model for young Bob Dylan, and sonic grandfather of just about every scruffy-voiced folksinger in the Western world, is now 77 and has just undergone some needed hip-replacement surgery. Unlike most people at that point in life, and well past 50 years in a performing career, he not only has a new CD, "A Stranger Here," out today on Anti-Records, but it's a release that marks a whole new turn in his repertoire toward the hard, "deep" blues of the Depression era.

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Elizabeth Lada